Stonetrust Consulting (SC) expertise ranges from leadership evaluation to full business feasibility study.  Below are basic service areas while additional services may include general information systems planning, analysis and design; business ethics evaluations and resolution; operations process and workflow analysis; performance improvement, business automation planning; project management and facilitation; PR and marketing strategies; financial and manufacturing systems; cost containment; and contingency planning.
Leadership Evaluation

Strong, competent and respected leaership is the backbone of success in any organization--large or small. SC provides an evaluative process of business sense, emotional intelligence, response skills, product and market depth, and general abilities of the full leadership team.


This is considered one of the most critical of all processes from which future growth depends.

Strategic Planning

Crafting effective strategic planning requires not only a comprehensive prior evaluation, but rich interation with leadership towards a foward look at goals and objectives.  


SC provides expert commingling of ideas with goals in crafting a written path towards goal attainment, and applies these skills in working with clients to formulate powerful strategic planning.  

Organization Development

While structuring an ever-changing gazelle start-up can be just as tricky as institutionalizing a national going concern, all businesses resolve to the fluidity of practical organization.


Drawing from years of organizational development experience, workflows will be accurately assessed, structured and laid out for practical use in managing the company business model. 

Operations Management

Operational delivery and support of nearly any product or service must always result in the core basics of (a) satisfaction, (b) growth and (b) profitability.  


Company operations are given a sweeping appraisal and resultant findings are presented and discussed in depth, with recommendations that will effectively address these core basics.


Retention & Sustainability

Retaining customers for repeat business and continued growth is vital to any company providing products or services for an exchange value.


SC will conduct a business retention and sustainbility review resulting in targeted areas of loss with directional planning that can be executed to revert customer loss and sustain end user participation and commitment. 

Digital Transformation

Business has entirely transformed during the pandemic, which means operating  through an integrated digital ecosystem both externally with customers and internally with employees. 

A full assessment of business technologies  are performed, making recommendations on the technology solutions necessary to accomplish predetermined strategic direction to grow.  

Business Development

Building opportunities for market growth can be a challenge for any new or emerging business.

SC leadership brings years of relationships, associations and connections across multiple industries with potential for utilization when consulting clients.


SC can introduce these as opportunities to help drive strategic business development. 

Financial Viability

Company profitability is the number one concern for every business to be successful.


Based on an original assessment of client needs, a financial viability study is conducted, potentially involving the performance of full accounting, tax and audit services.


SC will help your business identify areas negatively affecting profitability and growth and develop solutions that are practical and technically sound.