Our Process


We begin with a free 1-hour consult, opening  communication on a one-to-one level. We mutually learn and understanding one another both personally and professionally, and gather a good overview of what's needed before determining a scope of engagement.


Once direction has been agreed, a full evaluation is performed to define client needs and business resolution actions. This includes isolation on focus targets of address, comprehensive situation appraisal, and resulting summary findings. 


Complete findings with a scope of work is then presented for strategic discussion in address for execution. 





With the evaluation stage complete, strategy for address is discussed with the client including all possible options of approach for resolution.


Based on original client needs and taking all existing and potential resources into account, a Directional Strategy is outlined and agreed to consisting of goals, objectives, changes and improvements necessary to resolve the problem and improve business growth. 


From this, a more detailed Strategic Program is crafted into tactical steps, addressing both overall and by subject, the keynotes steps necessary to develop the organization towards all identified goals.


Using the Strategic Program, we now work together to fully engage and efforts are now initiated to implement the tactical steps necessary to affect the desired outcome. 


Working directly with the client, infrastructure will be changed, worflows modified or created, technology improved or acquired, assets rearranged, departments adjusted and most of all, leadership is directly worked with for effective implemention of the Directional Strategy.


The end result: successful change, profitable improvements and a thriving business that can sustain continued growth.